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Hotel Boutique Jade & Jürgen’s Restaurant believe that we are all responsible (persons & companies alike) for the well-being, prosperity and sustainability of our communities, country and planet. As part of OUR COMMITMENT and continued development & growth in this ongoing process we work on the following:


Our Environmental Commitment

Recycling programs and reduced consumption of water and electricity

We constantly seek out of new ways to reduce our environmental impact

Participating in local activities that involve recollecting garbage from the streets of our community and planting trees

Compensating our environmental footprint through our association with:

Logo Programa Aliados Cambio Climatico





Our Social Commitment

Starting 2014 we have made a firm commitment to sponsor Aldeas Infantiles SOS in Costa Rica: A program designed to provide a home & development to children who can no longer remain with their biological family.

We are co-sponsors of Ms. Anitas family that has 6 children btw the ages of 5-17

We provide information to our guests & clients as the opportunity to contribute directly to Aldeas Infantiles SOS through our program “Donate $1 a night”

We are currently developing a training and employment program as part of our long term commitment






We provide internship options for students of the industry and employment opportunities for young graduates

We stage and promote with our neighbors, customers and guests, bi-annual blood drives in conjunction with the Costa Rica Blood Bank

Banco Nacional De Sangre

Centro médico

Frente a la Iglesia de Zapote, 1000 Zapote, Costa Rica

+506 22 80 99 52




We are strongly committed to the Code of Conduct and overall prostitution

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The Code of Conduct for the Protection of Children from Sexual Exploitation in Travel and Tourism is an initiative of the World Tourism Organization (WTO) and ECPAT, aiming to prevent sexual exploitation of children at tourist destinations.


Sharing Information, teaching and communicating

We are constantly committed to informing all internal and external clients with regards to our companies’ environmental & social policies and our country’s legal frame

We provide the recommendations & training to our staff with regards to environmental practices that can be implemented in their own homes and further teach their families.

We provide guests with information on how to avoid negative impact on our environment and wildlife especially while visiting national parks and protected areas.







We encourage guests and visitors to recycle and reduce consumption of electricity & water

We provide guest and visitors with up-to-date information with regards to security and safety

Information is available with regards to cultural activities, history and tours


We currently have a level 3 Certificate of Sustainability awarded by the Ministry of Tourism

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